“How come people shout when girls show their T & A’s, but when I whip out my D & B, I’m a registered sex offender?” — Daniel Tosh

Anonymous: "Hey! I absolutley adore your blog, I never found anyone who loves Daniel as much as you (except me, haha). But last night I was looking for a certain post of yours and I was wayyyy back a couple years and I read that Daniel has this eye twitching thing he does that's kinda related to his anxiety/OCD? I never noticed it! Is there any photos, or videos, or GIFs that has him with that?"

Hey! Wow, this message is so nice, thank you! This makes me sad to tell you that there aren’t really any photos, videos or GIFs of this! In the earlier seasons of Tosh.0, when his stage persona wasn’t completely established yet, you can see that he often squints his eyes (also sometimes in the later seasons though!). I was told this could be related to his OCD, but since I don’t know enough about the subject I can’t be sure! I’m so sorry can’t be more informative, Daniel is VERY good at keeping his career and his personal life seperate and he rarely gives interviews, so it’s hard to find things out about this!

Anonymous: "Is there a gif set of him laughing or a smile creeping upon his face?"

There is! I made one HERE!

Anonymous: "Have you ever seen him live?"

I haven’t! I live in The Netherlands, so it’s expensive/difficult/kind of impossible to go.